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senior services

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I work with various downsizing

companies. Some offer similar and

yet different services. Some overlap

but yet offer very unique services so I

co-ordinate which company is

best suited for the specific needs and

wants of the clients.

I provide end-to-end support through the whole process as needed to make the situation

as headache and stress free as

possible. It is a difficult time so

everything has to be handled

with the utmost care,

consideration, empathy and

planning. I understand that it

is a lifetime of cherished

memories and valued

possessions being parted with at the very minimum.

Let's look at the options below:


"I want to stay in my current home..."

1. Consultation Report

2. Organize Snow Removal

3. Organize Landscaping

4. Get a Home Cleaning Service

5. Organize a PSW Service (If needed or wanted)

6. Co-ordinate A Small Errands Service


"I don't know where I would move to..."

1. Consultation Report

2. Investigation of Rental Apartment Options

3. Investigation of New Condo Options

4. Investigation of Resale Condo Options

5. Investigation of Retire Home Options

6. Investigation of Nursing Home Options

7. Organization of Moving in With Family


"I have decided to move..."

1. Consultation Report

2. Full Downsizing Company Discussed 

3. Colour Coding of All Your Belongings in Your Home

4. Separation of Packed Boxes for Charities, Family Items to be Kept and Garbage

5. Investigation of All New Living Location              Options ( 2 - 7 Above)

6. Home Cleaning Services

7. Any Needed Minor Handyman Repairs

8. Selling of Property and Included Services

    to Facilitate a Happy Situation

9. Farewell Party!

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