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Well what can I say? Your largest possession in the world is on the line and you need proper representation. You need someone who you can trust, someone

who can negotiate and fight hard on your behalf, someone who is transparent,

and truly knows what the value

of properties are worth...

especially your property. Am I

that person?


I can say with all confidence,

that yes I am.

Let's continue on below helping you learn everything that you need to know about the selling process and how I can assist you and make the process a smooth and clearly transparent one that you may not find elsewhere. Click on the buttons below to take you to your interest of choice.

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Interested in a no-obligation

evaluation of your home? Think

about it. And guess

don't even have to talk to me,

but you do have to provide

specific information to give you a

better evaluation range.

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home valuation

Want to give a buyer more

confidence in buying your home

vs buying another home?

Offer the buyer a home warranty

programWell, now you've found the right realtor to do that with. 

home warranty
moving up

Move-up buyers are often in a better position than their first-time counterparts. They typically have some savings and home equity to work with, making the move feel less like a compromise and more a thoughtful selection. But move- up buyers face their own set of challenges that call for a carefully considered strategy. 

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Click below to see three options for the smart move-up buyer with a plan!

safety first

Would you prefer that possible buyers see your home in as safe and effective mannerpossible? There are many ways to conduct showings that are keeping everyone safe. We can schedule a virtual open house or showing for brokers or buyers, promote

                              the event online, and host it via live or pre-recorded video.

It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

There are various different tactics to implement that you should be aware of regarding the do's and dont's in the home selling purchase. We only want the do's, not the don'ts to make this smooth sailing.

do's and don'ts
sellers guide
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The services I provide are in my sellers guide and I feel very justified in saying that though many agents do the same  things, I go the extra steps to make sure that you sell your  property for the highest value possible. I must earn your trust and respect and then 

my income will come because of that. 


Let's review the typical pricing

strategies below that may be

applicable to your situation

should that day come. Pricing as we know is the whole meat and potatoes of this transaction. We

can review the basic overview here

of how it's accomplished.

pricing strategy
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