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renovation services

Home Renovation
Drilling into Wood

You may need a contractor to

do minor or major work in your

home prior to putting it on the

market for sale. If so, we have

various contractors that you

may want to consider working 

with to accomplish the

necessary needs to get

your home in great shape.


You may simply want to update your home for your own personal home upgrades with no intention of ever selling in the near future. If so, feel free to reach out to me and check my referrals page for the necessary contacts.

Want to find out how we can get the buyer to pay for your updating renovations to make the home more attractive for sale? Read on....

We have a solution for

you. Yes, we do. You can

renovate the home

prior to the sale with no

money leaving your

pocket upfront! It's all

legal, it's all transparent

and clear when the

explanation is given.

I don't reveal of my secrets here, just 99% of them. Lol.


Contact me and I will explain to you how we get it done, what is your actual cost, circumstances, obligations and how you can come out a winner whereby the buyers ultimately pay for the renovations!!


Curious? Great, let's talk.

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