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Fairly standard and obviously a

common practice is real estate

photography. We do it for all of our

properties. There is no charge for

this service. We have a professional

photographer come by your

residence to take pictures to show

your house in its best light.

The photos are included on the

websites for the property.

As we are living and will eventually live through Covid-19, it has obviously shown that we will  become more of a digital and virtual world. So there is an virtual tour component added to as well.

With the right properties, I use Matterport 3d Tours to elevate the experience for buyers to get a better sense of the home. It effectively weans out the buyers that aren't serious so they don't needlessly wander

through your house but

on the flip side, give an

excellent tour of the home

to enhance the home.

Click on the image link for eg.



matterport image.png


With regards to drone

photography, I do add it as a

value add depending on the

property in question and whether is it of value or not.It adds the wow factor, it catches the eye and the longer the eye watches, the better the chance we have to make an impression.

Can't do it for condos obviously and don't need it for townehomes but open land, farm properties, large lot homes etc.

drone photography.png
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