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painting services

Paint Brushes
Painting Together

Paint and how it affects the

appearance of a home is very

important. This is not a compli-

cated concept. If your home is already

in great shape and doesn't need any

work, then fantastic. If your home

needs minor touchups, then we can

refer very competent painters to your

home to make it look its absolute

best. If the home needs a major

overhaul then we can definitely make that happen as well.

Transaction specific** but

feel free to inquire how

you can have your painting

fees covered in advance

and take that extra stress

off of your plate.

Just another part of my

service offers that take

helps my clients have one

less headache and problem

to deal with.

Call me for the referrals whenever you're ready.

Conditions Apply**

Want to find out how we can get the buyer to pay for your updating renovations to make the home more attractive for sale? Read on....

We have a solution for you. Yes, we do. You can paint the home prior to the sale with no money leaving your pocket

upfront! It's all legal, it's all

transparent and clear when

the explanation is given.

I don't reveal of my secrets

here, just 99% of them. Lol.


Contact me and I will explain

to you how we get it done,

what is your actual cost,

circumstances, obligations and how you can come out a winner whereby the buyers ultimately pay for the renovations!! Curious? Great, let's talk.

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