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home market value


A home market valuation (HMV) lets you know how comparable sales are to those that most closely resemble your home. It shows homes that are mostly identical to your home in size, shape, and condition.

Time to get your HMV today!

For an accurate HMV to happen, we need as much information as possible about the property to be provided to us.

Simply click on the HMV request tab below and  I will send you a questionnaire that you can fill out digitally and easily and I will return the HMV to you....with no obligations at all.


We sell everywhere in the GTA

so we have a sound knowledge

of property prices every- whereas

our team has sold everywhere.

coming soon-steps to a hmv
gta Toronto-Regional-Map.png

This "get a local agent" sales pitch is a myth in the age of the internet in 2022 and beyond.

Now as a cautionary tale to you all. Despite getting various HMV's from many agents, most people will fall for the agent that quoted a listing price far above the average value of what any other competent agent

quotes you.


What does that cause? A sign

on your lawn, a home that is

priced and listed forever, a

listing that eventually gets

canceled and then a new

listing with a new agent at a

lower price.

Does that make sense? NO.

Family in the kitchen

Simply get the truth upfront and                                      experience fewer headaches and 

emotional rollercoasters.

Do you know what I feel is my ace

in the hole?


I get the assistance of 3 other team members and their many years of experience to price your home and use 2 other digital sources to get a proper price for your home. You can't beat that.

Homework Help

Time to get your HMV today!

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