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hard work

Anderson Silva Kick

What is hard work in real estate? It varies by

agent, property, and client expectations.

I've committed to ensuring your home sells

and the home you want is found through my

relentless effort.

Like the picture suggests, if

you need someone who will

fight and hustle for you,

look no further.


That's why I offer an Accountability Services Guarantee (ASG) for sellers, detailing all efforts including calls, doorknocking, open houses,

expenses, time, and

competitive research. My

clients receive the promised


I am committed to winning

the hearts and minds of clients,

furthering both our goals of satisfaction and happiness.

working-hard image

I promise to outwork anyone for you, but I can't overcome an overly high asking price.

Rest assured, hard work, effort, and ethics won't be a concern with me.

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