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home buyer guide


There are 5 basic and highly important steps in the initial buying process.


Don't skip these! In fact, don't bother

starting the process without doing these steps first.


1. Start saving for your downpayment. I'm sure you've been doing this but do you know how much you need to have?

You need to save a minimum of at least 5% to 20% of the cost of the home.

2. Do you know what your credit score is? You must know what that is. My advice? Get your own credit report from either TransunionEquifax, Credit Karma or Borrowell.


Find out what's going on. You can't have bad credit in your life and expect to get a great property without complications.


3. Have you ever checked out a mortgage calculator? You should get to know your general (but not guaranteed) numbers just to give you a rough idea of where you may stand.

There are tons of mortgage calculators out there.

Here are a few, take your pick:

rbc          cibc          bmo

4. Now that you know your numbers, it's time to get pre-written approval from a great mortgage broker to truly tell you what you are actually approved for.

I've got great mortgage brokers that you can connect with.


Get the best rates so you can be house-rich, not house poor.


5. Initial steps finalized, get me hard at work for you today! Get in touch with me as my services are complimentary to you as a buyer.

Transparency, authenticity, and my experience are win-win scenarios for us both.

Do yourself the favor, preview and learn about the documents that are included in the sales transaction. They are posted below.

Skip to them from here if you like.

Also, learn about land transfer tax amounts in Ontario from a buyer's side.

Skip to that info from here if you like.

Buying Process.

Scroll right / left to see the standard buying process. Hope to speak soon!


buyer transaction pdf documents

form 100

form 320

form 101

form 801

form 120

form 300

form 810

Land Transfer Tax Information

Explanation             Calculator

land transfer
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