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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Etienne, pronounced (et-t-n).

I'm basically your average  joe that has lived

a pretty normal life with the flurries of crazy

moments like many of us in the various

stages of becoming a contributing member

of society. I have siblings, and

loving parents, came here from

the lovely island of St Kitts

in the Caribbean when I was an

8yrs old excite little boy.

I used to have a pretty strong

adrenaline streak in my youth

with skydiving, and riding

motorcycles (at exceptionally

high speeds...not around traffic

mind you...I value my life) when I was younger.




No more jumping out of planes but I'm open to riding bikes again but much much slower.

I've since grown up obviously and now have a family and that helps me to keep my sanity in a crazy world:).

tandem skydiving.png

The good old days.

That's not me there by the way. Lol. Never got pictures those days, just the certificates. Have fearful memories to keep me up at night.


Life Aside From Being a Realtor

Nowadays it's spending time at the gym daily, doing some boxing as well, spending time with family, and friends, vacationing whenever I can, and donating some time to help the homeless when I can throughout the year.

Luxury living room 3.jpeg

Why Did I Get Into Real Estate?

My realtor suggested to me that I should become a realtor as well because of past experience being the sales and service industry for a long time prior to this real estate career. I had a brick-and-mortar retail business for many years and was able to keep amicable relationships with former clients to this day 20+ years later.

He thought I had all of the skills and abilities to be an agent that people could trust and rely 

on. I have been doing that for the last 15(+) years.


I previously worked with the Al Sinclair team for a few years in my career and took all of the knowledge I gained from there (it is a high-volume team) and moved on with that knowledge to further expand my services to be even better.

luxury living room 1.jpeg

What I Love About Being a Realtor

I do love seeing properties to see the changes, renovations, designs, and the ways in which human beings individually live their lives. Humans are unique in how each of us live our lives. Helping people create their next chapter of life is challenging,

and difficult at times but also,

extremely rewarding when it gets done.

Creating future generational wealth is

also of great importance to

everyone and I like knowing I had

a hand in helping with that.

Read some testimonials

about me below.

Luxury living room 6.jpeg


I have been licensed since 2016. My main language is English. I'm a fully licensed Realtor with also having a designation as a SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist).

Fun FYI: I was a personal trainer and still help out friends occasionally. I can be reached very easily right here.

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